Thursday, 12 August 2010

Good old Blighty (post FFS)

We got back from Marbella yesterday, it was wonderful to feel a cool refreshing breeze as we stepped off the plane. It had been a tiring ten days and the hot weather had been nice in brief spells but Englands's green and pleasant lands (and our big bed) called us home.

Angela now looked like she has been in a fight with Rambo (and lost) as oppossed as to four days ago when she looked like she had been repeatedly run over by a Hummer.
Two black eyes, a yellowing neck form her trachea shave (the thickest they had ever trimmed) and a very stylish blue nose splint.

The last couple of days in Marbella were spent relaxing and she was well enough to go out to restaurants and even manged a blue Agentinian steak and half a bottle of light and snazzy Cava on our penultimate evening. Although like any major surgery, she had to keep taking naps as she became exhausted very easily.

We were busy on the last morning, as she had her stitches removed from her hairline and from inside her lip where they had gained access to shave her jaw bone.

It has to be stressed that the care and support given by The Facial Team in Marbella was exemplary, we had a pateint cordinator called Ana, who was available at all times and who translated for us in the all the initial tests. She was a lovely friendly Spanish girl who was a joy to have around. I never questioned the skills and artistry of the surgeons and felt they actually cared on a personal level and not just a financial one.

Neither Angela or I slept properly during the entire stay and she actually woke me up at half five on the last two mornings so we could walk together on the beach and watch the sunrise over the mountains. We felt tremendous relief, Angela had sailed through the surgery and I felt as the hours passed that I was with my true life partner and something as superficial as appearance would not stop me loving her bone deep. Perhaps these stories, give a clearer idea of what happened.

1, A tentative Angela, hours before the op.
2, Ouch - just back from recovery!
3, pass the painkiller and hold my hand
4,The Lion king
5,A long shower, cathater out and we are fit for home.
6.6 days after the op and we are dining out!

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