Saturday, 14 August 2010

Time is a healer

Angela looks a bit odd at the moment as we wait for the swelling around her jaw and chin to subside. She may need a minor revision to her chin work but she will not be charged for this. Rather like The Ugly Duckling we won't see the Swan until she has her lower face lift in a few months.

Remarkably 130 unique visitors have read the blog over the last ten days.

Thank you so much for your interest in our account - FFS is not for the fainthearted and please remember this is not cosmetic surgery, it is a medical remedy for gender dysphoria. In a nutshell though, she was only very uncomfortable for 48 hours and The Facial Team were faultless- as Angela pointed out

"I feel transformed by them and the nurses were all total babes"

I feel blessed that she was in safe hands and would not hesitate to recommend Dr Danial, Dr Capitan and Dr Kai. World leaders in their fields, and a spot of sun to recuperate in, all in all she was in the best hands, that was enough for me. I felt after the trip we had made new friends and we would all keep in touch.

Thank you Facial Team - you have improved the day to day quality of our lives immeasurably, it will mean the world to Angela that she can collect her daughter from school and now go to the school play without feeling ashamed, or a focus of attention.

If you are considering FFS, please message us with any questions you have, we will be happy to help.